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I’m vegan and think I’m losing my hair

I’ve noticed that my hair seems to be getting weaker and finer and is even thinning in places. I switched to a vegan diet around a year ago – could this be the cause?

Any diet that restricts the essential nutrients we need for hair growth can cause the health of our hair to deteriorate –  but there is no reason that a balanced vegan diet should be lacking in these. Hair loss comes from within the gut, which is the ‘mothership’ when it comes to looking and feeling good – all diseases originate there, so if we aren’t looking after it, then our hair can be one of the first things to suffer. Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as protein which is essential for hair growth  – great sources for vegans include beans, lentils, nut butters, quinoa, and dark leafy green veg. Aim for fresh produce that you can prepare yourself, rather than pre-packaged or over-processed foods which are often lacking in nutrients.

There’s much more than diet that can contribute to hair loss and thinning though. When I work with clients, I work in six week cycles – we see changes from one appointment to the next and make adjustments as needed to the diet or lifestyle. If you are concerned that you are missing out on key nutrients, then consider taking a supplement. My Simone Thomas Wellness regime includes Everyday Wellbeing and Supergreens, which can be teamed with Ginkgo Biloba for all-round hair and gut health. I’ve had fantastic feedback from clients using the range and it’s an easy way to give your body what it needs, regardless of how busy your lifestyle is.

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Hair extension worries

Model with long hair extensions
Flip-In Hair

I’m about to have more hair extensions fitted but I’m worried about them falling out or completely ruining my natural hair, as I already have a patch where it seems to be thinning. What should I do?

Inanch says...

There are special hair vitamin tablets available that help strengthen and aid regrowth such as Phytophanere dietary supplements, which we recommend to clients who are suffering from minor hair loss or thinning hair. Philip Kingsley’s Scalp Stimulating Treatment also helps hair grow and should be applied to the affected area and massaged in three times a week. These products should help, but depending on the severity of your bald patch, it may be worthwhile visiting a trichologist who can prescribe further intensive treatments both in their clinic and for regular use at home. Meantime, it’s best to stay off the hair extensions as this may aggravate the problem. The underlying cause of your bald patch may have been due to a number of factors, including the incorrect application of hair extensions in the first place, lack of adequate aftercare advice or removal by an inexperienced stylist. Please bear this in mind if you ever decide to go back to wearing them – your hair needs frequent breaks from extensions.

Straightening nightmare

The Hair Surgery

I have naturally curly hair and I’m fed up of always having to style it the way it wants to go. I’ve tried straightening it but it just hangs around my face in a limp fashion. How can I style it straight with more volume and bounce?

Mark says...

As someone with naturally curly hair, I understand this problem all too well! I would say to best way to smooth your hair but still leave lots of body and bounce is with a really good blow-dry. Start by applying Straight Talking Straightening Cream through towel dried hair and then dry your hair in small sections. Use a Big Blow Out! round brush to dry as this creates volume at the roots and helps smooth the mid-length and ends. Taking small sections will mean drying takes a little longer, but the results are worth it. When all of your hair is dry, you can add a little more body and bounce by popping in a few heated velcro rollers. Make sure they are really big rollers for maximum volume and minimum wave. Or, if you are happy with your blow-dry, very gently smooth over the top sections of hair with your straighteners. Don’t clamp them too tightly or you’ll ruin your hard work! A final spritz of Bedazzled Anti Humidity Shine Spray and you’re ready to swish your hair.

Do I have dandruff?

Model, dark hair, hair up
Ashley Gamble Salon

I’ve recently started noticing dandruff on my shoulders and can’t figure out why, as I always rinse my hair thoroughly and don’t usually suffer from a dry scalp… What could be causing it?


Iain says...



Dandruff is not due to a dry scalp – it’s actually caused by a yeast called pityrosporum ovale which we all have living on our skin. On some people, the yeast starts reacting with the scalp due to sensitivity, causing the skin to shed excessively. A simple anti-dandruff shampoo will clear this up quickly and gently, but you will have to use it regularly as it only controls the dandruff and will not cure it completely.

Can I banish static?

Long, full wavy hairstyle

My thick, curly hair always looks massive after blow-drying so I have to wash it the night before and sleep on it to make it go flat. I have a wedding to go to soon and want to wash my hair in the morning before I go, but I don’t want huge hair on the day! What should I do?

Iain says...

Your hair sounds as though it is suffering from static. This is caused when negatively charged electrons are lost in the outer surface of the hair, leaving positively charged hair behind. Two positively charged hairs together will push away from each other and cause what we call static hair!

Moisturising is the key to this as the more moisture there is in the hair, the more electrons it can loose before it becomes positively charged. Use a super conditioning treatment every few days over a period of a few weeks to really get the moisture content up in the hair, which will eventually lead it to becoming less fly away and ‘big’