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Can I banish static?

Long, full wavy hairstyle

My thick, curly hair always looks massive after blow-drying so I have to wash it the night before and sleep on it to make it go flat. I have a wedding to go to soon and want to wash my hair in the morning before I go, but I don’t want huge hair on the day! What should I do?

Iain says...

Your hair sounds as though it is suffering from static. This is caused when negatively charged electrons are lost in the outer surface of the hair, leaving positively charged hair behind. Two positively charged hairs together will push away from each other and cause what we call static hair!

Moisturising is the key to this as the more moisture there is in the hair, the more electrons it can loose before it becomes positively charged. Use a super conditioning treatment every few days over a period of a few weeks to really get the moisture content up in the hair, which will eventually lead it to becoming less fly away and ‘big’