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Dye dilemma

Short blonde hairstyle

I’ve recently had my hair dyed blonde for the first time and I’ve noticed that a front section of my hair has loads of split ends and is completely frazzled. I’ve tried hair masks and conditioners but nothing works – what should I do?

Iain says...

Going blonde can be stressful for your hair, especially if a bleaching agent has been used. From your description it sounds like you have damaged the hair fibres. As hair has no blood vessels, it cannot repair itself and so once damaged, no matter what you use on it, it will unfortunately stay that way until it grows out or gets the chop. Think of your hair as the best piece of clothing you own rather than a part of your body – would you go and change the colour of your favourite dress several times over without thinking about whether it would damage the material it is made out of? The same goes for your hair! Deep conditioning masks can help smooth the cuticles down and make it feel a little better, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to put this one down to experience, be kinder to your hair and make sure you do not over-colour it from now on!