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Combination complications

I have greasy roots and dry ends and my combination hair is driving me crazy! I have to wash my hair every day as I’m worried about my scalp looking too oily, but this is really drying out the rest of my hair. Help!

Tina says...

The first thing to remember about combination hair is do not wash it too often. Over-washing hair can really cause the ends to dry out. Try using a shampoo to help balance and remove excess oil in the scalp without drying the ends. L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Pure Resource Shampoo is a great cleansing shampoo, which will help reduce product and oil build-up. I’d recommend using a shampoo like this once a week. If you feel the ends of your hair need a bit of pampering, then use a mask only on the ends as this is where your hair needs the most moisture. Try using a dry shampoo in-between washes to help refresh hair. L’Oréal Professionnel Techni Art Fresh Dust is a super-fine spray which doesn’t leave any residue, so you won’t end up with that powdery look that often occurs with some dry shampoos.

Dye dilemma

Short blonde hairstyle

I’ve recently had my hair dyed blonde for the first time and I’ve noticed that a front section of my hair has loads of split ends and is completely frazzled. I’ve tried hair masks and conditioners but nothing works – what should I do?

Iain says...

Going blonde can be stressful for your hair, especially if a bleaching agent has been used. From your description it sounds like you have damaged the hair fibres. As hair has no blood vessels, it cannot repair itself and so once damaged, no matter what you use on it, it will unfortunately stay that way until it grows out or gets the chop. Think of your hair as the best piece of clothing you own rather than a part of your body – would you go and change the colour of your favourite dress several times over without thinking about whether it would damage the material it is made out of? The same goes for your hair! Deep conditioning masks can help smooth the cuticles down and make it feel a little better, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to put this one down to experience, be kinder to your hair and make sure you do not over-colour it from now on!

Short and sweet

Short, undercut hairstyle

I’ve had my hair short since I was 15 and it really suits me. At the moment I’ve got a mohawk, but the sides aren’t shaven off. Recently I’ve been thinking about getting a buzz cut. However I don’t want people to think that I’m just doing it for attention. What advice can you give me?

Tina says...

Over the past year we’ve seen more female celebrities with shorter hairstyles. Miley Cyrus went for a daring cut, which highlights her features perfectly and really suits her. Most recently, we’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence swap her long locks for a pixie crop. On paper, you wouldn’t think this would work but she looks amazing. Although short hair is still a very bold statement to make, its become very much in line with current trends and isn’t seen as such a risky move. Use your hair as an extension of your personality – it’s a great way to add a little bit of edge to your look. You’ve found that short hair works for you so stick with it. Perhaps add in an undercut like Rihanna or Alice Dellal. An undercut would be a great way to change your look without being overly-bold!

She bangs

Midi haircut with growing out fringe

I’m growing my fringe out and it’s at an awkward stage where it’s constantly in my eyes. I don’t want to just clip it back as it makes me look too harsh. Are there any styles you can recommend?

Mark says...

The awkward in-between stage can be frustrating when growing out your fringe but you can use this transition period as a time for experimenting and temporary style change. How your overgrown fringe can be worn depends a lot on your face shape and hair parting. If you wear a middle parting, I would suggest going for a really bold, disconnected centre-parted fringe, which is an extremely popular celebrity look. If you have a heavy fringe, simply sweep it across your forehead and shape it gently around your face to achieve a much softer look. This will also disguise any awkward lengths, as it can then be cut in with the rest of your hairstyle. As well as completely re-styling the fringe, try different ways of pinning it to achieve an alternative look. For example, sweep the hair to one side, twisting and tucking the fringe along the hairline using some bobby pins and plenty of good styling products to fix the hair in place. Don’t try to hide or disguise the fringe during the re-growth period like many people do, but use it to your style advantage! Remember, use plenty of moisturising products to maintain the condition of the hair and avoid heat as much as you can to help prevent any breakage.


Quick fix

Long, wavy hairstyle

I’m often in a rush to get to work in the mornings and don’t have much time to spend styling my hair after washing it. What look can you recommend that is quick, easy and fits in with my routine?

Jamie says...

I always recommend that if you are short of time in the morning the best thing to do is to wash and blow-dry your hair the night before, as it will give you more freedom to decide on how to style your look.

Curls or waves are great for versatility as they can be kept loose, half up or in an on-trend pony. After washing, style the curls/waves as desired; then split the hair right down the middle into two sections and lightly twist towards the back of your hair before pinning to secure. This will then keep the shape for the morning.

Alternatively, a shorter routine would be to wash your hair and rough dry until it’s damp. Apply some texture cream and plait your hair into random or symmetrical plaits and sleep in. In the morning, take them out and spray in some salt spray, and you’ll have an effortless Boho look in no time.