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Cutting it fine

I’ve been wearing my hair long for many years and feel it’s time for a new look so I want to get it cut. I have a narrow face and my hair is quite fine, can you recommend some fashionable styles that would suit me?

Shaun says...

Firstly, if you are slightly concerned about losing the length, you could always try and change the shape of your haircut without taking too much off the length. You could opt for a long sweeping fringe and some layers to give your hair some volume. Alternatively, to really go for it, why not go for a short and sexy crop with a heavy side fringe- it’s a very cool look and would definitely be a change.

Fringe benefits

I’ve recently had a fringe cut in, which I love. Can I trim it myself? How easy is it and do you have any tips?

Tina says...

I would definitely not recommend trying to recreate your fringe by doing it yourself at home! Your fringe is the focal point of the cut and you can’t afford for it to go wrong. Most good salons offer a free fringe trim service to their clients in between appointments, so ask the next time you are in the salon, as this will ensure your style is maintained until you next visit.

Dull days

FAME team 2012

As a devoted fun of home hair dyes, I have been colouring my own hair for the last few years. Nine times out of ten it looks great, but just lately it’s lost a lot of shine and can end up looking a bit matte. I’m a brunette and usually use the same brand/colour each time. What is happening and how can I get it to go glossy again?

Sally says...

Home hair colour is great as long as you remember to stick to a few golden rules. Try and always use the same shade in the same brand – dyes always vary slightly in depth and tone. Also, only colour the areas that need to be coloured and rinse the remainder of the dye through the lengths and ends for the last five minutes or so, this prevents build up and the dreaded black ends effect, and also stops the hair becoming too porous and losing all its shine and vitality. Home hair dye kits come with a conditioner in the box and it is vital that you use this to make sure the hair stays healthy! I would also say that using a conditioning masque once a week is a great idea to maintain happy hair.

Graceful greys

What colour would you recommend to a 50-year-old who wants to go grey gracefully?

Mark says...

For hair that is naturally white/grey, a toner on a regular basis works really well and gives that lovely natural translucent look. One of the most requested looks from my mature clients is Helen Mirren (before she went pink!). Her hair is not dyed, it is toned and her hairdresser has worked with what nature has given her. If your hair is very white, a toner will enhance the colour and give it a translucent look that is soft and natural. The best thing is it is not damaging and therefore hair will be left in optimum condition. The key for any woman going grey is not to block colour with a deep, heavy shade, as this can be ageing. It’s best to keep things soft and translucent, and tone what you already have.

Want to go ’fro?

I’ve spent the last two years growing my relaxed hair out and it’s now completely natural. I would like a ’fro but I don’t know how to go about it. Any suggestions?

Jamie says...

It’s great that you’re embracing your natural locks so it is vital you do not mess around with the great foundation of the hair you have now. Go in for as many consultations with hairdressers as you can to see who you feel comfortable with. A good Afro hairstylist will firstly look at your curl type, as this will ultimately give you an idea as to how your Afro will look. The cut for an Afro is one of the most important, as it needs to grow out in that round, contained proximity, so you will need what is called a round, layered haircut. Products are also important, as you will need hydrating and strengthening systems to maintain a good condition.