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Fight the fluff!

I don’t like to blow-dry my hair too much, so I leave it to dry naturally. The only problem is it gets very fluffy and unmanageable. How can I prevent this from happening?

Gary & Michael says...

If you don’t like to blow-dry your hair, then you must invest in the right product to stop it from frizzing. With the products available today there is no excuse for it being unmanageable. Over the last two years smoothing oils have been specially designed for this reason. They are a multi-use product that can be used in many ways. Firstly, towel dry your hair then add the oil. Once dry, use it again to smooth. You can also use more on the second day to keep it under control. If you were looking for more movement through the hair, try plaiting it the night before, depending on the length, but again we would recommend applying the oil before you plait the hair.

Calling out for colour

Brown hair with varied blonde-toned slices
Hooker & Young

My hair is naturally dark brown but I’d like to go lighter. What colours and colour techniques are on trend for this season so I can work a bit of blonde into my style? I work in a creative environment, so I’d be open to something a bit wild!

Faye says...

Wow natural brown hair?! The possibilities are endless! Blondes this season are very ladylike and not too wild. The summer is hopefully upon us and feminine dresses are what to wear and blonde colour trends go with this perfectly.

Super healthy with lots of shine is what being blonde is all about this season so don’t use too much bleach and go for more warmer shades of pale champagne, pecan blonde and golden butterscotch. Especially as your hair is dark brown, colour selection is important as you may not want to visit the salon every four weeks to get those roots touched up so keeping it softer is best. Dip dye and root stretch is still on trend but if you want something a little different to the crowd, then try a few panels of colour under your parting. You can then create different looks from day to night and keep your new look fresh!


Get good curls

Errol Douglas

Having previously relied on Brazilian blow-dry treatments to keep my hair as straight and smooth as possible, I’m now trying to embrace my naturally curly/wavy long hair by going for a kind of Boho look. What’s the best way to encourage my curls without ending up looking either like a poodle or with the dreaded stringy effect?

Errol says...

In a word? Hydration. The quality of the finish on any hair type rests in the condition, and this is even more the case with naturally curly hair. The definition and frizz free finish is completely dependent on keeping a naturally porous hair type infused with moisture. Don’t compromise on the quality of products used, particularly don’t underestimate the importance of the right shampoo and conditioner, controlling curls doesn’t begin at the end with styling products, but with the wash where the hair and scalp can receive moisture. In addition, invest in hair health with a weekly treatment mask too (I like Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask). After cleansing and conditioning, work a little Moroccanoil Original Treatment through mid-length to ends, this oil has been a game changer for all hair types in terms of eliminating frizz and hydrating without adding weight. Allow to dry naturally if you can, or choose a gentle way to dry: a diffuser attachment is great for sealing and maintaining the shape of the curl, and my own new INFRARED Dryer dries from the inside out, gently locking in moisture to avoid frizz in the finish. Using a very small amount of a curl defining product as a finishing touch is also an option, it’s very easy to use only on those curls or areas that require a little smoothing. There are many on the market to choose from, look to those with hydrating not stripping ingredients.