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Quick fix

Long, wavy hairstyle

I’m often in a rush to get to work in the mornings and don’t have much time to spend styling my hair after washing it. What look can you recommend that is quick, easy and fits in with my routine?

Jamie says...

I always recommend that if you are short of time in the morning the best thing to do is to wash and blow-dry your hair the night before, as it will give you more freedom to decide on how to style your look.

Curls or waves are great for versatility as they can be kept loose, half up or in an on-trend pony. After washing, style the curls/waves as desired; then split the hair right down the middle into two sections and lightly twist towards the back of your hair before pinning to secure. This will then keep the shape for the morning.

Alternatively, a shorter routine would be to wash your hair and rough dry until it’s damp. Apply some texture cream and plait your hair into random or symmetrical plaits and sleep in. In the morning, take them out and spray in some salt spray, and you’ll have an effortless Boho look in no time.