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Midi haircut with growing out fringe

I’m growing my fringe out and it’s at an awkward stage where it’s constantly in my eyes. I don’t want to just clip it back as it makes me look too harsh. Are there any styles you can recommend?

Mark says...

The awkward in-between stage can be frustrating when growing out your fringe but you can use this transition period as a time for experimenting and temporary style change. How your overgrown fringe can be worn depends a lot on your face shape and hair parting. If you wear a middle parting, I would suggest going for a really bold, disconnected centre-parted fringe, which is an extremely popular celebrity look. If you have a heavy fringe, simply sweep it across your forehead and shape it gently around your face to achieve a much softer look. This will also disguise any awkward lengths, as it can then be cut in with the rest of your hairstyle. As well as completely re-styling the fringe, try different ways of pinning it to achieve an alternative look. For example, sweep the hair to one side, twisting and tucking the fringe along the hairline using some bobby pins and plenty of good styling products to fix the hair in place. Don’t try to hide or disguise the fringe during the re-growth period like many people do, but use it to your style advantage! Remember, use plenty of moisturising products to maintain the condition of the hair and avoid heat as much as you can to help prevent any breakage.