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Straightening nightmare

The Hair Surgery

I have naturally curly hair and I’m fed up of always having to style it the way it wants to go. I’ve tried straightening it but it just hangs around my face in a limp fashion. How can I style it straight with more volume and bounce?

Mark says...

As someone with naturally curly hair, I understand this problem all too well! I would say to best way to smooth your hair but still leave lots of body and bounce is with a really good blow-dry. Start by applying Straight Talking Straightening Cream through towel dried hair and then dry your hair in small sections. Use a Big Blow Out! round brush to dry as this creates volume at the roots and helps smooth the mid-length and ends. Taking small sections will mean drying takes a little longer, but the results are worth it. When all of your hair is dry, you can add a little more body and bounce by popping in a few heated velcro rollers. Make sure they are really big rollers for maximum volume and minimum wave. Or, if you are happy with your blow-dry, very gently smooth over the top sections of hair with your straighteners. Don’t clamp them too tightly or you’ll ruin your hard work! A final spritz of Bedazzled Anti Humidity Shine Spray and you’re ready to swish your hair.