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The great Unwash[ed] (News)

Whether you’re a confirmed co-washer, or you like the idea of no-poo (for the uninitiated, that’s no-shampoo) cleansing, you’re going to love this…   With its catchy name and stylish labellling, Unwash is the new haircare range that urges you […]

Let it grow (News)

Here at Hair HQ it seems most of us are caught in a cycle of hair cuts and hair desperation…   Desperation for longer hair, that is. And it’s a cycle that most probably every women in the world gets […]

Up your hair’s nutrition (News)

At this time of year, summer-parched locks need all the help they can get…   And what quicker way to get an injection of vital nourishment than via a thorough cleanse and condition using a nutrient-packed duo like Nicky Clarke’s […]

Hair holiday (Hair Diary)

This week, I treated my hair to a holiday at Dunston Hall’s Lilac Room, a tranquil pampering stop off away from the hustle and bustle of the world of Hair Magazine.   Here at Hair Magazine HQ, we’re lucky enough […]

Like MAGIC (News)

Want your hair to grow three inches longer?…   We know, right? We mean, who wouldn’t? Especially if the chance to encourage your hair’s growth came with the added benefit of smooth, lustrous, frizz-free locks! 3”’ More Inches Magic Oil […]

Duck & Dry (News)

Now you can achieve the ultimate salon bounce, at home…   London’s grooviest blow-dry bar, Duck & Dry has launched its Up Up and Away Feather Light Shampoo (£14) and Conditioner (£16) to enable those of us who are desperate […]

Got the blues (News)

From azure to palest baby, there’s a blue to suit you this season…   Here at Hair HQ we’re crushing on all things blue right now; blue skies (if only), blue jeans (as always), blue hair (see our fab denim […]