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The Midas touch (News)

Bring the bling to your dressing table with these sleek and shiny new Head Jog brushes…   We are completely in love with the Head Jog Gold Ceramic Brush range, and not just because they are sooo shiny! With ergonomically designed, […]

Stay cool to look hot! (News)

Who doesn’t dream of hair that’s in better condition, less frizzy with vibrant, glossy colour? The new Ego Therapy tool promises to deliver on all counts (cue drum roll)…   Ego Professional’s Ego Therapy (£109) is an innovative cool device […]

Transform your texture (News)

Loose waves, spiral twists or classic curls – here’s one tool that can do it all!   We all love the chance to switch up our style, but so often that’s easier said than done, especially when you need to […]

Our dryer’s Electric (News)

If you sit in the salon wishing that your hairdryer at home was as powerful as your stylist’s, then it’s probably time for upgrade…   We love the Electric Head Jog Nano Ceramic 6000 (£59.99), part of the range’s Professional […]

Good vibrations make hair straighter! (News)

But we’re not talking music here. Bear with us as we treat you to a little history lesson by way of explaining a fabulous hair straightening technique…   In Korea, there is an ancient tradition for ironing clothes by beating […]

A kit for every updo (News)

Forget struggling to find the hair elastics, pins and grips you need to create your fave updo – Hair Tools have it covered with this handy new kit…   Following the success of the Hair Tools Updo Accessories range, Hair […]

Beach waves (News)

The easiest way to get the sexiest beach waves…   While most aspects of your holiday will be planned down to the last drop of sunscreen, your vacation hair can often be something of an afterthought. Never fear, we have […]

Hair Awards 2015: three weeks to go! (Hair Diary)

After months of hard work and hundreds of amazing entries, the results of the 2015 Hair Awards are almost here!   May 7th. That’s the big date for your diaries. Not only is that when our next issue go on […]

Ego boost (News)

Another day, another Ego electrical hairstyling tool innovation from the brainy bods at MIT!   This slick looking model is the Ego Professional Smart Ego Dryer (£129) – the first of its kind, with touch-screen control for precise temperature setting […]