Emily Ratajkowski’s beached waves

Summer is here, which means there’s one style we’re all desperate to recreate – beachy waves! It is the hairstyle ‘Holy Grail’ for those who love that sexy, undone, tousled wave that comes from being by the sea.

Award winning hairdresser Lee Stafford says, This is a style that will always be in fashion, though many women struggle to perfect the look as it can be hard to find the balance between over and under-styling the hair. If you’re looking to make the perfect waves this summer then just follow these steps…”


Lee says, ‘You’ve got to create the right foundations for this style so when it comes to styling you don’t have too much work to do

Shampoo and condition with my new Sea Salt Crystal Shampoo and Foam Conditioner (£9.99 & £7.99, from Boots). This volumising shampoo contains visible sea salt crystals to exfoliate the scalp for a deep cleanse and to lift and add body to the hair. The lightweight liquid to foam conditioner is enriched with seaweed, sea algae and sea minerals, which are absorbed into the hair shaft, working from the inside out, to nourish and condition the hair WITHOUT compromising volume.’

‘When hair is damp, spritz in my Sea Salt Styling Mist (£9.99, Boots). With a sprinkle of sea salt, this styling mist will help calm and control fluff and flyaways whilst gently plumping and encouraging texture.’


Lee says, ‘Using a tong will leave your waves too rounded and polished. Instead, use your straighteners to create “S” waves to give you a more natural-looking, textured wave! All you need to do is take one-inch sections of hair, create an “S” shape with it and tap the straightener over the shape to set it. Then alternate the “S” shape down until you reach the end of the hair, tapping with the straightener as you go. It may take a few go’s before you master the technique, but once you have it’s even quicker than tonging.’


Lee says, ‘Once you’ve finished your “S” waves, generously spray my Sea Salt Styling Mist (£9.99, Boots) all over your hair again for a texture top up and gently tease with your fingers.’

Emily Ratajkowski