ghd + Millie = Coachella glam

Festival season kicks off with Coachella and a desert plain full of gorgeous people getting down and groovy in the sunshine…


Chelsea girl, Millie Mackintosh, jetted into the Californian sun looking every inch the Boho babe, thanks in part to ghd and their brand ambassador, Zoe Irwin, who created three soft and sexy hairstyles to complete Millie’s laid back festival chic. Luckily, we have the inside track on how Zoe styled each of the looks, so you can copy them at home and rock them at the rest of the summer’s outdoor gatherings.


First up, this lovely, loose double braid. Zoe says “For braids that last all day you need a good grip and hold in the hair, so prep with ghd root lift spray (£12.95) before blow-drying.” Once hair is dry, work a little ghd smooth and finish serum (£14.95) through the ends then split hair into a natural parting with your fingers and braid each side from the front of the hairline, with the sections braided underneath rather than on top. Braid only to the nape and from there, mix the two braids together and pin to hold in place. Use the ghd platinum serene pearl styler (£165), twisting the styler downwards then sliding it down your hair to get a textured wave. Alternate the waves, twisting one way and then the other. To finish, use ghd final fix hairspray (£3.95), spraying it onto your fingers then running them through the ends of your hair for a tousled look, then pull the braids apart to accentuate the undone effect.



Next Millie shows off this beautifully understated twist. Zoe again recommends prepping the hair with ghd root lift spray, used all over. She says, “Follow with the ghd smooth and finish serum on mid lengths and ends to add moisture and long lasting shine, then use the ghd Air hairdryer (£99) to blow out the look, twisting sections s you go for extra movement and texture. Next, work the Azores atlantic jade styler (£130) through the hair to create a natural and effortless looking dropped curl then, start at the temple and twist back a narrow section on each side of the head.” For the finishing touch, tie with metallic thread, criss-crossing through to the ends. Once again, pull out random sections of hair for added texture.



Millie bringing the Boho accessories with pretty pom-pom cord, we love this simple yet stunning style. Zoe advises blow-drying hair first, using a round bristle brush. Next, spray on ghd root lift spray and curl hold spray (£12.95) to add texture then gently backcomb the roots all over. Zoe says, “Create a natural centre parting with your fingers by zigzagging a finger down the parting, then smooth the mid lengths and ends using the ghd platinum serene pearl styler, Pin and secure two different coloured pom-pom strands into the hair by criss-crossing two kirby grips over each other just behind your ear, then braid into the hair and use clear bands at the ends. Gently pull the pom-poms out of the braids to make them more visible and pull the braid itself apart, too, to give a wider look.” Set your braided style with ghd final fix hairspray.


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