Kate’s new short ‘do

Kate Middleton unveiled her new haircut yesterday at Wimbledon. Hair-stylist and Viviscal Ambassador Philippe Tholimet gives the low-down on how to style mid-length hair.

Kate Middleton Wimbledon

Image via Instagram @wimbledon

What do you think of Kate’s new cut? Does it suit her? 

“The new haircut has one length cut at the back with long, graduated layers at the front. The hair is then blow-dried with volume and then set with tongs to create a loose wave at the bottom. It suits Kate but a much shorter style would make her look younger and also more individual and unique.”

What face shape does a mid-length usually suit? 

“A mid-length cut is a great universal choice as it would suit any face shape. It’s a popular choice with women as it’s flattering, low-maintenance and versatile. What the hairstylist will need to make work with the face is creating layers or not and where the parting will sit. The rounder the face is the more layers you will need to create trying to elongate the face.”

What are the benefits of opting for a shorter style?

“Having a significant amount chopped off the length will get rid of split ends and cut dry unhealthy bits. Long hair can look stringy and thinner at the ends, a shorter cut will make hair look thicker and fuller. Some people say if you do it on a full moon the hair will grow fuller and faster. I also recommend taking Viviscal Hair Supplements (£49.99, Boots) to ensure that hair remains as healthy as it can and give it a boost.”

How you should style mid-length hair to make it look full?

“It’s best to apply a thickening lotion or serum before blow-drying using a large round brush. Try Viviscal’s Densifying Elixir (£19.99, Holland & Barrett) and remember to pull hair away from the scalp and not blow-dry it flat against your head. Put rollers in and let your hair cool down and then brush it out. The hair will look fuller.”