Michelle Keegan’s Awards updo


We’re in the midst of awards season now, with red carpet presentation events taking place both here in the UK and across the pond in the US seemingly almost every other night…


Among the usual raft of twirly hairup and glossy hair down styles, we spotted Michelle Keegan at the National Television Awards, showing off a gorgeous, sophisticated look that we immediately felt the need to copy. Thankfully, our friends at Great Lengths hair extensions were right on the button; they put together a fab step-by-step video which shows us exactly how to get the look, so we can all tap into Michelle’s chic style whenever the occasion calls.


It looks pretty complicated, but with expert advice from the Great Lengths stylist and a bit of practise, we reckon you’ll be able to pull this one off with ease, making it your go to look for date nights, dinners and maybe even for the office every now and then!