Ponytails are a Tinsel Town winner!

Press Association

When the weather gets hot, the A-list simply scoop it up!…


Their hair, that is – into a ponytail, of course.

And lately, we’ve seen no better examples, Stateside, of this seemingly effortlessly chic style than on lovely Brit girl, Kate Beckinsale, and striking red head, Bella Thorne.

Both ladies disguise their pony elastic with a wrap of their own or colour-matched hair, but Kate has chosen to style her pony in a cascade of sleek, old-school-glam waves, while Bella’s opted for a more relaxed, beachy texture.

Actor, Bella Thorne

Here in the UK, celebs are loving the ponytail, too, wearing them up, down and in the middle for high and low profile events alike. Yep, dressing your ponytail up or down to suit the occasion is super easy – just keep it sleek when you want to look chic, and muss it up when you want to rock an effortless, unfussy appearance. But how many of us really have enough hair to pull off a full and thick, swishy ponytail?

Lauren Pope

The quickest way to get a celeb-worthy pony is to invest in a good quality ponytail piece, or clip-in ponytail. Reality star, DJ and entrepreneur, the gorgeous Lauren Pope, favours a high ponytail and she looks amazing with it styled smooth and simply flicked forward to fall over her shoulder. You can copy her look exactly by choosing one of the ponytails from her Hair Rehab London range of extensions (from £24.99) or create your own version of Kate or Bella’s styles.

Choosing a real hair extension will allow you to use your straighteners or tongs to create a variety of textures, whereas going for a synthetic hairpiece that you can’t heat style means you’ll save money (maybe you can buy two; one colour-matched to your natural locks, the other ombré?). Whatever, if you sport a ponytail this season, you’ll be up there with the best of them!