Zoe’s WOW ponytail

The bobble pony is super hot this season, and when we spotted Zoe Saldana on the Met Gala’s red carpet, we knew we just had to find out how to get the look…


Stepping back in time to the red carpet at the Met Gala Ball, and the gorgeous Zoe is looking super glam in her sweeping peacockesque gown. But our eyes were all over her hair.


Luckily, we knew exactly who had created this stand out look, Garren using the fabbest new products on the block, R+Co. Here’s how:

1. Prep hair with ANALOG Cleansing Foam Conditioner and rough dry.

2. Apply PARK AVE Blow Out Balm on the roots and blow out with a round brush for smooth edges.


3. Divide the hair in half. Pull the top half (section across from above the ears) into a ponytail and the remaining bottom half into a second ponytail directly under the first.

4. Braid in a hair piece to extend ponytail length to the back of the dress.

5. Braid ponytails and secure with an elastic.

6. Spray ponytail and top of head with OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray to secure in place.


7. Adorn ponytail with emeralds, rubies and pearls gifted by Dolce & Gabbana.

These lush R+Co products come in handy travel sizes, so are ideal for stowing away in your carry-on. xx