Simone Thomas

My name is Simone Thomas and I lead a team who are as passionate, determined and committed to offer great hair to all people whether they’ve been naturally blessed with it, or not. In fact it is a requirement that all my team members at a senior level study Trichology and once qualified continue to study Nutrition.


As well as two thriving salons in Westbourne, Dorset and Wokingham, Berkshire we also have stand alone clinics in London and Sandbanks, Dorset for people who are suffering the effects of hair loss. Our salon ethos is based on the same principles of every other successful hair business – great customer care, innovation and creativity – but takes the concept of great hair to another level, by building in solutions, results and genuine compassion for the people with hair loss we see and treat.


My commitment to providing solutions for the emotional and physical effects of hair loss is driven by a very real experience with it myself. I suffered twice from hair loss before the age of 30, due to cervical cancer and alopecia. Acutely aware of the strain hair loss has on a person, I committed my business goals towards helping people who find themselves in the same devastating circumstances.


There are currently around 13 million men women and children suffering from hair loss issues in the UK – whether its alopecia, female pattern baldness and hair loss through cancer. Over the next few months I will take you on a journey that will ensure that you are looking after your locks with my fabulous Wellness programme. We will look at why hair loss happens, when it happens plus how it can be avoided.