Miami Swim Week

All eyes were on the runway at Miami Swim Week, as a host of curvy, leggy models with amazing hair showed off the latest looks for beach babe style.


Aside from the gorgeous swimwear, we were totally taken with the luscious hairdos, created for the show by UNITE Haircare and BLO Blow Dry Bar. Two of our fave shows were Wildfox and 6 Shore Road, so Hair asked the experts at UNITE to give us the lowdown on how they styled the models' wantable ’dos:




Location: Raleigh Hotel: Cabana Grand

Hair Team: UNITE Haircare led by Riley McLachlan, Snip Salon Miami

Hair Inspiration: The collection was reminiscent of the best of the ’90s; the designer’s mood board featured icons of the ’90s such as Linda Evangelista, Claudia Shiffer, Kate Moss, etc. The hair team created individual looks for each model with this inspiration in mind. Using UNITE TEXTURIZA the team was able to achieve a cloud like texture and push the volume and fullness especially on the roots.


How to:

  1. Depending on desired final look choose to either flat iron using a UNITE Pro-System Flat Iron or add barrel curls through out.
  2. Create vertical sections and spray UNITE TEXTURIZA (£23) from roots to ends around the entire head.
  3. Flip head upside down and repeat the UNITE TEXTURIZA application process but in horizontal sections.
  4. Shake hair out and flip right side up.
  5. In areas that more texture is desired, scrunch sections of hair into your hand and mist UNITE TEXTURIZA before releasing.
  6. Mist UNITE TRICKY Lite (£20.50) on ends to add definition and separation.
  7. Hold final look in place with UNITE MAX CONTROL Hairspray (£17.80).



Show: 6 Shore Road


Location: Raleigh Hotel- Cabana Grand

Hair Team: UNITE Haircare and BLO Blow Dry Bar (Sandirose Magder owner)

Hair Inspiration: The inspiration of the collection is from Nepal and the collection depicts a strong warrior woman. It's named Nirvana. Braids are very common in Nepal and represent the strength of the Nepalese women. Everything from within the hair, makeup. prints, jewelry to even the music you will see the reflections of the Nepalese women’s characteristics: strong, edgy and confident.


How to:

  1. Create a top, wide central section and clip out of the way.
  2. Prep both sides with UNITE Tricky Spray and slick down into smooth low ponytails at the nape of the neck. Secure with clear elastics.
  3. Spray UNITE TEXTURIZA throughout the top, central section to add volume and fullness.
  4. Create an in-side-out braid mohawk throughout the central section until you’ve reached the nape.
  5. Once the central braid is even with the two, low ponytails incorporate them into the braid.
  6. Roll the end of the braid up into itself until you have reached the nape
  7. Pin into place.
  8. Emulsify UNITE CONUNDRUM (£16.80) Paste into palm and slick down both side sections for a sleek look with high shine.
  9. Mist the entire braid section with UNITE TRICKY Spray for a final hold with slight shine.