Top 5 trans-seasonal styles

Look to the runway for the hairstyles that will take you from summer to autumn in the most fashionable ways.


As seen in Hair (September issue), we've picked our fave hair from the F/W Fashion Weeks – styles that we're sure you'll find easy to copy at home and really enjoy wearing, no matter what the occasion.


Style 1: Practical pony

Tied back neatly, but with a sexy, disheveled edge, this low-slung ponytail has the sports luxe look that continues to dominate the high street. Super easy to do yourself, but just make sure your locks are freshly washed and mega shiny.


Style 2: ’60s swing

Building in a little volume at the crown is key to this feminine retro ’do. Wear with a centre or off-centre parting, an inch or two long, root lift at the crown and tuck behind the ears for a younger, more modern and girlish effect.


Style 3: Braids again

Oh how we (not just us, but our Hairlets, too) love a braid, and the trend for plaits of all shapes and sizes continues apace. Side plaits, plaited pigtails, French braids, fishtails – you name it, it graced the runways this season. Finish off with an Alice band.


Style 4: Prima ballerina

Barre style was very much in evidence on the F/W catwalk. With partings moving from centre to side and back again, there's no place for stray unruly hair here; keep it slicked back, pared down and twisted into a tight bun at the back of the head or nape.


Style 5: Nouveau Boho

Soft yet sleek, this look shows off the rich, glossy tones of a pro-applied colour. Start with an off-centre parting and tong hair into gentle waves, raking through with hairspray-soaked fingertips to give subtle separation without losing that effortless look.