Awards ahoy!

At this time of year you have to wade through a sea of hair products just to get to your desk if you work here at Hair HQ.


Yep, it’s Awards time again, and the run-up to the Big Reveal sees all hands on deck, logging in entries, categorising and shortlisting products so each group holds the five strongest contenders. It’s a lengthy process that sees all members of the Hair and Blackhair teams analysing each product for it’s ingredients, claims, price, smell, consistency and packaging, as well as how well it actually works and how closely its lives up to its name.

With so many products entered this year, as well as lots of office floor space, we’ve had to take over our store room and when the door is opened for the first time each day, we’re greeted by a wave of yummy, fruity-fresh fragrance reminiscent of a spa that gives us all that ‘ooh, new hair stuff!’ rush of excitement.

Hair Awards Super 60 entries

Of course, over the years between us we’ve tried out a great many hair products, but there are always a few newcomers to trial and it’s really exciting to see the latest innovations in formulations and packaging, though this often leads to friendly squabbles over who is going to get to try what.

So, with our nostrils full of product scents, our fingers slick with serum and our arms cradling lots of new potions to try out, the team embarks upon the quest to find the five best in each section and from there it’s onto the next stage of the Hair Awards competition.

Watch this space for more updates on the shortlisting and testing process.