Everyone knows Bosch for their kitchen prowess but did you know that the appliance kings are now taking on the hair world with the launch of their new electricals?



Designed and developed under the professional eye of leading haircare experts, the ProSalon range is ready to take on everyday styling use and give you the ultimate salon-like finish in the comfort of your own home, while the BrilliantCare: Keratin Advance range is for those with coloured hair who want to maintain long lasting, vivid hues and a naturally healthy shine. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Understandably, I was intrigued to see if the mega electrical brand’s hair offerings lived up to their home-ware expertise. I was given the ProSalon straighteners to try out. With a slick black design, pressure sensor and heat controls, I was already impressed. Before I started I had a quick flick through the instruction manual. Of course I know how to use straighteners, but call me Carrie Careful, I like to check things through before use. And I’m glad I did as, to my surprise, along with the usual health and safety warnings, was a handy guide for using the right temperature for your hair type and how to create curls with them. I loved this, as when given the option I’ll set my tools to the highest setting, when I actually only need 160c and not the 200c maximum.

My absolute favourite feature on these straighteners is definitely the sensor. While it’s switched on, when you apply too much pressure, clamping down the straighteners too hard on your hair, it’ll vibrate until you’ve relieved the force. It acts as an alarm, and while like your morning alarm it’s annoying, it’s also super useful, helping you realise (if you’re heavy-handed like me) how much gentler you could be when straightening your hair with just as smooth results!

As more of a wave-wearer, I needed these to curl my mane, too, and they were great – with rounded sides to create smooth waves.

So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of straighteners, check them out (and the rest of the fab new Bosch haircare range, too!).

Bosch straightener