Get professional performance with Syoss

With icy wind beating its way through the streets of Soho like air through a propeller fan, I was relieved to duck into Bleach Hair Salon on Berwick Street, where Syoss was hosting a pop-up blow dry bar for the day. I think the team could see that I was eager for them to tame the beehive of flyaways and frizz that currently sat atop my head, because after a brief consultation my stylist led me straight downstairs to the backwash and began shampooing and conditioning with the Syoss products.

Although I’d say I’m fairly clued-up on European brands, I must admit that I have never tried Syoss before. I made it my mission to interrogate the stylists, so that I could understand as much as possible about the brand.

It turns out that Henkel (the same company that manufactures Schwarzkopf products), is launching Syoss in the UK at Tesco at the end of February 2017 – and it’s set to make a big splash. Currently a high street staple in Europe and North America, its highly affordable portfolio of products spans hair care, styling and colour. The brand is releasing four of its brand new hair care ranges in the UK, which is comprised of: SalonPlex, which repairs broken bonds in the hair with a shampoo, conditioner, serum and mask; Full Hair 5, which increases density and volume with a shampoo and conditioner; Renew 7, which uses a Serin-Protein-Formula in a Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask to improve the structure of the hair; and Oleo 21, which lists an impressive 21 different oils on its ingredients list.

Whilst I was listening to my stylist chat away about Syoss, I indulged in the clean floral fragrance of the SalonPlex Shampoo that had been massaged into a lather on my roots. After this was rinsed off, I was treated to the Conditioner, which smelled equally amazing. One thing I noticed, when I had returned to my seat, was how much moisture my hair had retained; even though my stylist had drawn out the excess water with a towel, my hair still felt thoroughly quenched – a great feeling when you’re used to dry, brittle locks.

At this point, the SalonPlex leave-in Recreator Serum was applied to my hair. I was told that this would seal and protect the hair fiber from the outside, as well as smooth down any breakages or flyaways; naturally, I was very excited. This was followed by a smooth blow-dry, and lastly the stylist created a gorgeous Victoria’s Secret-esque wave using a curling technique with straighteners.

I left the salon with beautiful, bouncy hair and, as I’m writing this a day later, I can happily say that my tresses still look shiny, feel silky soft and smell amazing!

Visit Syoss’ website here: and watch out for their UK launch in February 2017.