Hair Science Awards Announced!

The 2nd International Trichology Congress was held recently at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. With two days of interesting presentation and discussion with trichologists from around the globe, the event was sponsored by Saks Medical and Cosmetic, Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance, The Paxman Scalp Cooling System, Lamberts Healthcare Ltd and Theradome.

On Saturday evening the ITC gala dinner was held and the winners of the first ever Hair Science Awards for achievement in trichology were announced.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners on the evening:

Outstanding Contribution to Trichology

The ‘Outstanding’ award has been established to recognise a colleague who exemplifies excellence in Trichology via contributions to mentorship, professional and clinical education, excellence in research or writing or the advancement or professionalisation of Trichology in general.

Winner: Glenn Lyons


Outstanding Contribution to Trichology (Newcomer)

The Judges realise that being new in the field of Trichology presents some significant challenges. Breaking into a field and being successful is no easy task. There are however, outstanding new Trichologists who possess such a commitment to their new roles that they far exceed the expectations of their employers or colleagues within a very short time. These Trichologists are our future leaders. They are the “Rising Stars” of our speciality. The Judges wish to recognise the effort and dedication this entails with our “Newcomer”.

Winner: Stephanie Moore

Hair Product/Innovation Award

The Hair Science Awards are also here to celebrate the products for hair that are rooted in science and show ethical marketing. The public may not be aware of these products due to shallow marketing claims of other companies that overshadow and gain an advantage due to the ethical stance of a company in ‘not leading a person on’

It is our desire to recognise those products that add to our clinical practice or that we can advise the wider public to use and gain benefit from. The companies nominated must have shown a willingness to work with wider hair science community as well as be open, honest and transparent with marketing claims and advertisements.

Winner: Florisene by Lamberts, with special mention for Dr Hugh Rushton


Marketing/Website Award

The Internet is an essential part of a Trichologist’s /clinician’s practice, and correct ethical marketing should be commended in times where companies can easily blur the lines between correct practice and unfounded promises. The Hair Science Awards understand that to be successful in our practices, a strong online presence and ethical marketing is essential for the Trichologists success and the public’s safety.

It is our desire to recognise those individuals, clinics or companies involved in hair science who support an ethical and positive online presence and those who have been innovative in their marketing of their services.

Winner: Sally-Ann Tarver, The Cotswold Trichology Centre


Life-time Achievement Award
The specialty of Trichology has been established for over 100 years. Occasionally, there is a colleague who has surpassed the standard in terms of their contributions to the field. To give special recognition to a colleague with a Lifetime of Achievement in Trichology, The Hair Science Awards will periodically present this prestigious award to an individual, who by virtue of excellence, experience, dedication and contribution to Hair Science in general have clearly demonstrated a lifetime of accomplishments in the field.

Winner: Philip Kingsley