Launch of new RIKOKO line, Born in the Seychelles

Thursday 13th September

Beautiful, newly-refurbished celebrity salon INANCH LONDON played host to a special event to launch the new niche line from RIKOKO, ‘Born in the Seychelles’ introduced personally by the founder Richy Kandasamy.

The range is inspired by The Seychelles, an exotic cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean off the East Coast of Africa and Richy Kandasamy’s birthplace. The islands are blessed with a vibrant landscape and a wealth of indigenous plants, with both healing and caring properties and the new line is rooted in the ancient traditions of the islands.

Containing mature coconut oil, RIKOKO uses rare strains of exotic super-ingredients, is designed to naturally work across all hair types and ethnicity and is based on a three-step system: Lock and Seal, PRISM and NOIR, customised to your hair type and colour. The packaging is elegant and polished, looking delightfully sophisticated and high end.

Whilst not a budget line, the product prices at £35 – £50 are in range for a tailor-made, indulgent regime.

HAIR team member, Tracey enjoyed a consultation, a lovely wash and blow-dry with the RIKOKO range and was treated to a bespoke product selection suitable to her hair type.

To learn more about RIKOKO click on the link and to purchase products visit