#Trending at Glastonbury



By Publishing Director, Linda

Possibly the greatest show on earth. Top bands, new talent, the chance to unwind and chill out. Even if you can’t be there, watching it on the telly is a must and it sets the tone for the season of festivals.

Whether you’re an Ed Sheeran fan or a Foo Fighters kind of gal, there’s a hair style at Glastonbury to suit you and in a lot of ways, anything goes. We’ve been people-watching and have some of the strongest trends for you. Catch up with them now and use your own interpretations at your 2017 festival destination.


Credit: Michael Barnes, Michael Barnes Hairdressing


These are everywhere! Particularly strong are boxer braids and the milk maid plait circling the head. Both practical in terms of disguising dirty hair and a cool look besides. Take a supply of kirby grips, hair ties and some easy instructions…plus a friend to help with those fiddly bits.


Credit: Malisa Masci

Space buns

Plaited or plain these are cool in hot weather, easy to execute in limited space and cute at the same time. Combine with temporary colour in a bright or pastel hue and a bit of glitter and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

Instagram @thegirlwithrainbowwings

Credit: Instagram @thegirlwithrainbowwings

Coloured wigs

Chin-length, full bobs with an obvious wiggy look were popular too.  Bright cobalt blue was a show-stopper but we spied several platinum white and pale pink too. A great way to hide four-day old festival locks!


Credit: Neal and Wolf

Temporary pastel colours

Lavender, pink, baby blue – a great temporary look which will brush out for work on Monday!



Not all of us have the lifestyle or dedication to cultivate a full set of dreads, but so festival-spirited! There are temporary clip-ins available, check out Sleek for a selection.

Instagram @evaksalvi

Credit: Instagram @evaksalvi

If you want to get ahead….

It’s got to be done – if you can’t be daring at a festival then when can you? Hats, Trilbys, Stetsons, Pork Pie, Sombreros…our own favourites are those cool black US Army type caps, peaked Officer caps with insignia on the front or a full Native American feather headdress. However, flower circlets and feather clip-ins are so sexy too!