Turning back the clock with Fudge Treatment Time Machine

Assistant Editor Jennifer takes a journey back in time with Fudge Professional’s new Treatment Time Machine…


Yesterday was hot, and I mean HOT. So hot, that my hair was threatening to turn into a giant ball of frizz. The mercury was about to hit 30 degrees and, despite the fan on my desk pumping away, I was close to breaking point. Luckily, I had an appointment with Fudge Professional’s Global Head of Technical Training, Tracy Hayes, and stylist Jason Dyer, to try out Fudge’s brand new in-salon service, Treatment Time Machine.

Whilst sitting on the Underground on the way to the salon – yes, it was like sitting in a cylindrical oven – I pawed at my hair. It felt heavy, coarse, and matted from the weather. There’s nothing like a heatwave to encourage excess oil, and my scalp and roots were wallowing in it (gross, I know – but it happens). I was desperate to get into that salon chair and have this mess sorted out.

Fast forward a long, sweaty 15 minutes, and I was having my hair washed with glorious cold water. Tracy applied the first part of the treatment to my damp hair. This is designed to strengthen the inner core of the hair as well as encourage natural flexibility and bounce.

This was left on for five minutes, before Tracy applied the second part of the treatment over the top, which she called the ‘luxury’ part. Comprised of naturally derived plant oils, this formula regenerates and replaces the hair’s natural protective shield, leaving it eight times softer.

The third and final part of the treatment (which you’re able to take home with you) locked the salon treatment into the hair for a demi-permanent result. It contains anti-oxidants to fight against free-radicals in the environment, as well as heat protection.

A luxurious blow-dry from Jason revealed seriously shiny and smooth results – my hair felt completely different to how it felt when I walked into the salon – and a deliciously fresh, sweet scent. Even now, as I’m writing this, I can’t stop stroking (or smelling) my hair. I noticed straight away how light and silky it felt, and how it still feels this way a day later – even with this weather and the overnight humidity. I’m eager to use the third part of the treatment at home, which I hope will reveal the same results!

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