Autumn/winter frizzies? Top tips on protecting hair in the cold by Anya Dellicompagni


The colder weather in the autumn/winter months can play havoc with our hair and going from cold weather into a warm environment can be very damaging, as it removes moisture from the hair and can leave it dry and frizzy. With all this in mind, it’s important that throughout the season we take extra care of our hair and keep it hydrated.


Just like our skin, our hair needs moisture and to keep hair moisturised during the autumn/winter months and stop it from going dry, frizzy, weak and lacking shine, I would recommend using a moisturising hair masks a couple of times a week to replenish the hair and give it the moisture that it needs. Alongside your hair masks use a good moisturising shampoo and on days where you aren’t using your mask, use a moisturising conditioner. I’d also recommend using an oil or serum prior to blow-drying hair that will work like a barrier, protecting it from the cold weather and heat damage from central heating, as well as keeping breakages at bay and banishing dry, frizzy ends. Hair masks and oils are also great for the scalp during the colder months and can avoid it becoming itchy and flaky.


As well as keeping hair hydrated with masks and oils, it’s important to get regular trims to keep hair looking and feeling its best. Trims will get rid of any dry ends and will almost reset the hair, giving it a ‘fresh start’ and making it healthier.


During the autumn/winter months we tend to stray away from the effortless, beachy waves from the summer months and start to use heated styling tools more, which can cause further damage and loss of moisture to the hair. Try to avoid using heated styling tools where possible, however, if you do need to use them, it’s important to always use a heat protection spray to avoid further damage being done to your hair.

Anya Dellicompagni is Francesco Group’s Director of Hairdressing. She has created numerous collections for the salon group, as well as styling for leading publications and working backstage at London Fashion Week.Find your nearest Francesco Group salon at