Blondes have more fun!

SUZIE MCGILL AND DYLAN BRITTAIN, RAINBOW ROOM INTERNATIONAL ARTISTIC DIRECTORS AND SALON OWNERS, UK SCHWARZKOPF AMBASSADORS AND CURRENT BHA SCOTTISH HAIRDRESSERS OF THE YEAR with their top tips for blonde locks….Going blonde is extremely popular in the summer months, as  clients want to go lighter. However, it’s important that you understand that blonde hair needs to be maintained properly, especially when in the sun, to avoid excess damage to the hair after it has been coloured. When going blonde, it’s essential to go to a salon, as using bleach and peroxide on the hair can be damaging and is best to be used by a professional.  Your stylist using a product like Schwarzkopf Professionals Fibreplex whilst colouring your hair blonde or making your hair lighter is extremely important, as this protects the hair from damage during the lightening process, enabling the hair to go lighter but still allowing it to be strong and full of shine. A toner can then be used by the stylist after the hair is bleached to tone down the hair and avoid it appearing brassy. Just after you have had your hair coloured you should avoid shampooing it for around 72 hours if possible and try not to wash your hair more than twice per week as you are stripping your colour away each time.


After visiting the hair salon it’s really important to maintain your blonde locks. I always recommend using Schwarzkopf BlondMe shampoo and conditioner at home to keep the hair looking its best and ensure to get your roots maintained regularly. Hair masks are also beneficial to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy after it has been coloured and should be used at least a couple of times a week. If you’re going on a summer holiday, try to do more regular conditioning treatments before the holiday to keep hair in pristine condition. If you are thinking of going blonde or going blonder prior to going on holiday, I’d always recommend to book the colour appointment a few weeks before you go away, as colour can tend to fade or change in the sun. A colour saving shampoo and conditioner can help prevent this so make sure to take this along with you as well as your hair mask! Some other tips I would advise for your freshly blonde hair would be to ensure you use UV protection in the summer months when in the sun, as the UV rays can fade hair colour, especially since your hair has been colour-treated. Heated styling tools can also lead to dull, faded hair colour, so try to avoid using them wherever possible, but if you have to, ensure you use a heat protection spray, like Schwarzkopf’s Got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray, which will preserve hair colour and keep it looking shiny and healthy.