Festive tips for Afro hair from Delroy Davy

Our resident Afro Expert and HAIR Awards Afro Hairdresser of the Year, Delroy Davy of RUSH Stratford Westfield, takes us through his tips to avoiding dried out hair and how to keep hair looking fresh for the party season that lies ahead! He’s the man in the know, so let’s begin!


Winter is that you?

The cold front has arrived in the UK a lot quicker than expected and it’s wrecking havoc when it comes to our hair. Believe it or not the natural elements cause as much damage to the hair as heated appliances. The sudden drop in temperatures can instantly dehydrate hair and leave it feeling dry and dull, but how can you keep hair looking and feeling incredible. Here are my top tips:

Image Credits: Sandra Webb for Avlon Photographer: Agata Preyss

  • As the temperatures drop we tend to wrap up as much as possible, wearing scarves especially to keep warm. Depending on the material this can rub against the nape of the neck and cause friction damage to the hair. I would advise wearing a silk or satin scarf, as this is kinder to the hair.
  • When you are home do you have the heating on? With most answering yes, it’s worth knowing that this also causes the hair to dry out. Each day use a small amount (two or three drops) of KeraCare Essential Oil (£6.95). This is very light oil that hydrates the hair, and is can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment. This can be used on both relaxed and natural hair.



Must have treatments

  • Those with natural hair, I would advise using KeraCare Thermal Wonder (£12.95). This is a three-step temporary smoothing system that will leave your hair feeling silky smooth and luxurious but will not compromise your natural curl pattern.
  • Those with relaxed hair; should be using a small amount of Keracare Overnight Treatment (£12.95). All you need to do is apply a small amount to the hair and wrap your hair in silk. This intensifies hydration and when you wake up in the morning your hair will feel incredible. You don’t even need to wash it out!


Winter products – the essentials!

  • KeraCare Natural Textures Butter Crème (£9.25)
  • Affirmcare Repair Masque (£15.20)
  • Affirmcare Scalp Therapy Shampoo (£12.50) and Conditioner (£15.70)Affirmcare is available exclusively in salons and KeraCare products are available in selected salon and online at Lookfantastic.com