Fringe benefits

Fringes are set to be big this year and James Pryce, master stylist at Larry King tells us how to wear this key look in 2019

Fringes are very much on trend.

They can have many positive effects from changing your face shape to adding thickness. Here are some examples.

The most popular one has been the long grown out fringe worn from a centre parting. Think Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller. This style was last seen in the 70s. The modern version has been very popular as it works for every face shape and it’s not too much of a commitment as it’s easily grown out. It softens a square jaw and narrows a round face shape. It can also shorten a long face and hides a high forehead.  It also looks great if you wear your hair up. I think you get the idea. This fringe has it all.

When styling this you want it to sit away from the face. Some people’s hair does this by itself. If it needs some encouragement then try drying the hair away from the face with a round brush and dryer or if you’re feeling flush then you could splash out on the new Dyson Airwrap. Then hold in place with a little spray. I like IGK Intern flexible hairspray.


At the opposite end of the spectrum is the micro fringe. Think Bella Hadid or Emma Watson.

This is the rebel of the fringe world so it must be worn with confidence.

It can be worn on short to long hair and they will project power and attitude to your look.


They work well on long and oval face shapes. I’d avoid them if you have a square jaw or a jumpy hairline.


They take some upkeep as you will have to have it trimmed every month to keep it above the eyebrows. Once it’s been cut in though you shouldn’t have to spend to much time styling it. It will just be there. Loud and proud!


If you go for the blunter option and your hair isn’t super straight. Then I’d recommend wizzing your straightening irons over it. I like to use The Revlon Pro One Pass styler. For a more textured finish I’d use a small amount of Larry King Velvet texture clay.

Somewhere in the middle would be the more standard shaped fringe. Usually worn just covering your eyebrows or tickling the eyelashes. Think Claudia Winkleman.

They can be worn blunt or textured. Most importantly they will really bring out your cheek bones and make your eyes pop. This sort of fringe will also widen a narrow face shape and hide a high forehead. They should be avoided if you have a square face.


Fringes can bring so many positives to your look.


They are a great way to make your hair appear thicker as quite often the thinnest part of your hair is the hairline.


They can lift your features, especially the cheek bones and eyes.

They can give balance to all manner of different face shapes.

They are a great way of changing your look without sacrificing your length.


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