Get the ‘sleek’ look with Andrew Collinge


Apply a small amount of Co by Andrew Collinge Argan Oil to towel dried hair. For thicker, coarser hair, apply more Argan Oil accordingly. This light oil with its non sticky formulation will help detangle and protect the hair whilst giving a smooth finish with added shine.
Start by drying the roots of the hair, as it’s essential this area is completely dry before carrying on with the rest of the blow-dry. The Co by Andrew Collinge Paddle Brush, with its ball-ended nylon pins, will help in picking up the hair with tension at the roots, allowing you to smooth out frizz and stubborn kinks. Once the roots are dry, complete the blow-dry section by section, taking the paddle brush from
roots to ends whilst directing the nozzle of your hairdryer parallel to the brush and hair.
To achieve a super sleek flawless finish, spray a little Co by Andrew Collinge Hair Moisturiser onto sections of hair and glide a straightening iron over the top. Hair Moisturiser provides heat protection and is also the perfect product to hydrate the hair as it can be applied between shampoos to restore.

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