Get the ‘tousled’ look with Andrew Collinge


Apply Co by Andrew Collinge Volume Mousse to towel dried hair. Volume Mousse is the perfect product for creating a tousled look as it will give your hair fullness and body with a light hold.
With your hair dryer on a medium heat setting start drying the root areas first by simply using your finger tips to lift small sections of hair whilst directing the heat from the nozzle towards the roots. Moving on, taking medium size sections of hair and scrunch them into the palm of your hand, apply some heat into your palm and then let the hair cool down before releasing it, the result will be soft tousled hair. To complete the styling take a section of hair at random and wrap it around a wand or curling tong for your desired finish.
You can complete your tousled look by recreating the Top Knot style which is shown. Take a large section of hair from each eye brow and back towards the crown. Apply Co by Andrew Collinge Invisible Dry Shampoo throughout this section. The Invisible Dry Shampoo is the perfect product to add body to the hair and make it more manageable and easier to style for an up-do style. Loosely braid the section of hair and secure it with a band at the crown, leaving the ends unbraided. Gently backcomb the ends and split into two equal parts, wrap one around the other to create the Top Knot and secure with a grip. Finally, to give the style a longer lasting hold and to help secure the top knot, use Co by Andrew Collinge Firm Hold Hairspray.

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