How to make your colour last on your late summer holiday

Read our tips and tricks to make the most of your colour over your late summer holiday…

Jetting away for a little late summer holiday? Lucky you. And because you’re a Hair reader we know you’ll have booked in to get your colour topped up before you go.

But don’t just let your expensive salon appointment go to waste after you’ve come back from you holiday! With our tips, you can say goodbye to fading from heat and sun exposure, sea water and chlorine, and say hello to long lasting colour – until your roots grow out, of course.

Here are our six commandments (we couldn’t think of 10) of colour:

1. Wash your hair with lukewarm water…

…Or cold, if you can stand it!

2. Avoid using heat tools

If you have to, turn the temperature down to a lower heat – you DON’T need to use 220 degree heat on your hair!

3. Use a colour friendly shampoo and conditioner

Most brands will offer a colour friendly product range – utilise them!

4. Ditch clarifying or volumising shampoos

These kinds of shampoos tend to strip natural oils and product from your hair, dulling your colour and leaving your hair feeling a little drier than usual.

5. Don’t wash your hair straight after having it coloured

If you like to wash your every day, try leaving it a little longer to prolong your colour.

6. Take advantage of colour-prolonging haircare products

Darren Scott, hairstylist and owner of the London-based Darren Scott Salon, says, ‘My fave product to extend the life of your colour during your holiday has to be Philip Kingsley Swim Cap. It’s extremely moisturising, and it protects hair from salt water, chlorine and has UV protection. Add this to your hair before taking a dip in the pool or sea. Philip Kingsley’s Daily Damage Defence spray is another fave and is a must-have whether on holiday or not. It is a multi-purpose spray which protects against UV, moisturises and can be used as a heat protectant before heat styling. It is also great as a de-tangling aid.’