Intensive care for summer hair

Blonde haired model next to red haired model
Alan Bendrey & Co Salon

Hair needs nourishment all year round, but in the summer months its requirement for moisture-boosting nutrients increases…


There’s nothing better than a trip to the salon for an intensive treatment but, if you are feeling the pinch after outlaying on your holiday and those mid-season wardrobe essentials, you might not have the budget right now for such an extravagance. Never fear! Hair has trawled the shelves of our favourite high street beauty stores to come up with a selection of the best hard-working conditioning treatments that you can use at home to revive, boost, smooth and hydrate your tresses to give you the luxe look of salon visit and feed your tresses with that much needed nutriment.



From moisturising masks for fine hair, to oil treatments for thick locks, repairing creams for curls and intense rescue for damaged ’dos, when it comes to deep conditioning every hair type has its particular requirement, so it is important to choose the right formulation and apply it correctly. In our August issue, we recommend three of the finest off-the-shelf treatments for each hair type and get some pro tips on how, why and when to use them for the best results.

So, to find out about Intensive & inexpensive! hair replenishing treatments, pick up your copy of the latest issue of Hair, now!