Keep cool and look cool this summer

Remington’s in-house hair stylist Kieran Tudor shares his secrets on how to look cool and keep cool this summer…


During the summer months, you need to adjust your hair routine to suit the weather and to ensure you care for it in the correct way. The suns UV rays can dehydrate your hair quickly and make the colour fade. I advise you use a Hair protection treatment with UV protection before styling or heading out in the sun.

A styling tool I can recommend highly this summer is Remington’s recently launched Air Plates, which features the world’s first ever suspended plates. It’s cool touch technology allows you ultimate styling versatility and results that will last for days. One of my favourite hair styles to create with the Air Plates and works perfectly on hot, sunny days is effortless beach waves. Here’s how…

Effortless Beach Waves with Remington Air Plates 

  • Take a section of hair and place the Air Plates near the root.
  • Rotate your write 180o and glide the plates down your hair, through to the end.
  • Repeat this throughout the rest of your hair, ensuring to rotate away from your face on the front sections.
  • Try spraying the hair with some dry, texturizing spray, I recommend Oribe. This will give your hair a move lived in beach look.
  • Finally, shake your hair and use your fingers to add separation and a little volume.


If you find creating curls with straighteners to tricky, Remington’s Curl Revolutions is the perfect tool for you. Featuring an Auto rotation barrel, the tong allows you to achieve sexy curls and loose waves with minimal effort in minutes – perfect for the girls who’s pushed for time. Here’s how to…

Effortless Beach Waves with Remington Curl Revolution.

  • Simply take a section of hair and place it through the barrel.
  • Then, using the lever to operate, twist in your desired direction and allow the curling tong to curl for you.
  • Once you’ve curled all your hair, add a little texturing spray and shake your hair, running your fingers through for a little separation and slight volume.


Another great summer style is a simple up do. The perfect hair style for keeping you cool and by taking the hair away from the face, it keeps you looking fresh. Here’s a simple how to…

Simple Up Do

  • Take large sections of hair, braiding each section individually.
  • Now, take all the braids and gather them into a low bun at the nape of the neck.
  • Use Kirby grips to hold in place and a little spray.

Another great product is Remington’s Keratin Radiance Volume Brush, perfect for popping in your bag for on-the-go style. It’s Keratin protection smooths your hair, fighting the dreaded frizz bought on by humidity.

Remington Keratin Brush

Finally, a great way to keep cool is to give you hair some such needed rest. I recommend using a leave in conditioning mask in your hair. Here’s how to style it…

  • Wash your hair and apply the conditioning mask from the mid-length to the ends.
  • Next, simply comb all your hair back, away from your face to give it a sleek look.
  • Alternatively, twist sections of your hair and allow to dry naturally. This encourages hairs natural movement.
  • For added definition, use the Remington Keratin Radiance Hair Dryer, with the diffuser attachment and let your hair sit in the diffuser for a minute before moving around the rest of your head.
  • Finally, add a little product to keep your style in place.

Remington - Keratin Dryer