Love really is in the hair…

“It is impossible to understand the importance of human hair without appreciating its role as a sexual object.”

Philip Kingsley

Did you know that hair is one of our most potent sexual attractors? At a raw, animal level, it is an indication to a potential mate that we are healthy and fertile.

So make the most of this great seduction tool and use it to send a powerful signal to your Valentine this February 14th .

Here are our top dozen sexy hairdos to get you and your Valentine in the mood for lurve…

Au naturel

What could be sexier than ‘au naturel’, from the French for ‘naked’ or ‘as nature intended’.


Big and bold

Channel your inner lioness with some seriously big hair, either your own or with the help of some well-placed extensions.


Hair up

Why is an updo so romantic? Possibly because our traditional heroines wore their hair up and away. Think Elizabeth Bennett, Bathsheba Everdene or Becky Sharp.


Lady in red

Throughout history redheads have been cast as passionate, fiery temptresses. Red is the colour of love afterall…


Complete the look

To add allure to your crowning glory try one of these seductive hair scents.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume, £40

Percy & Reed Walk in the Rain Shine and Fragrance Mist, £15

Balmain Silk Perfume, £27.50