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Model wearing The Halo
Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions

Does your head deserve a Halo?…   If you haven’t heard of Halo, where have you been?! Halo Hair Extensions are the answer to your hair prayers if you dream of longer, fuller, glossier locks, whether you want an instant […]

Hair Awards 2014 - I Want That Hair!

Hair Awards 2014 I WANT THAT HAIR!

Things are really hotting up for the Hair Awards 2014! And now we need your help… With both reader panel testing and industry professional judging completed, the process of totting up the scores and determining the winners is now well […]

Gallagher Horner hair model
Gallagher Horner

On the Hair Hotspot

Ever wished you could corner one of the country’s most talented hairstylists and ask him or her for top tips based on his/her vast experience and insider knowledge? Well, wish no more! We’ve lined up a bevy of amazing award-winning hairdressers […]

Veronica Lake meets Katy Perry style hair

How to get iconic hair

Iconic hair is not just about style, it’s about attitude, too! Think of the hair icons of the past: Garbot, Monroe, Bardot, Farrah Fawcett… then fast-forward to today’s top tress idols: Beyoncé, Adele, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson… they all have two […]

Model, with blonde wet-look hair

Styles straight from the shower

You’ve just stepped out of the shower and you’re in a rush, with no time to dry your hair before leaving the house? Have no fear – these styles will take your tresses from soaked to sleek in just a […]

Model with pink hair
Karine Jackson

10 things you didn’t know about hair

Think you know your locks? Think again! We’ve got some interesting facts about human hair that might change the way you treat your crowning glory from now on…   1. Hair colour is determined at birth by two different kinds […]