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Barbara Daley Hair & Beauty
5 Steps
Retro chic

Make a parting

Part the hair in the middle and follow the parting right the way down to the nape of the neck, then brush and smooth each section.


Roll up

Separate the fringe, if you have one, or take a small triangular section at the front if you don’t and place in a roller, rolling up, away from the face.


Plaits in

Braid each side of the hair from the ear downwards and secure with an elastic or snag-free band.


Add texture

Add a little bit of tec ni art super dust to each braid and separate for texture, then pull the hair at the crown using the end of a pintail comb to give a little bit more height 


Cool girl pigtails

Remove the roller and weave the front ‘fringe’ into the top of the braids. Finish by adding a ribbon to each braid for a quirky look.