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Barbara Daley Hair & Beauty
4 Steps
Long locks

Top knot

Smooth the top into a triangular section from the peak of the eyebrows and secure in a ponytail, leaving the rest of the hair down. Next, take a section from either side and secure with a snag beneath the first ponytail. You should now have two ponytails, halve the top ponytail and take a section from either side of the bottom pony to add to it, then secure with a snag underneath.


Weave it

Continue and repeat this splitting and snagging process funtil you run out of hair. TOP TIP – you should always be splitting the top ponytail so ask your daughter to hold the hair from the bottom ponytail up in front so it's out of the way.


Pulll it

Finish by pulling out each section gently to add width and texture to your braid and dust with a light hairspray et voila!


The final look

All done!