Ethereal Up-do

3 Steps

Step 1

When adding the Completely Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions by Vixen & Blush to your client’s hair, choose the pieces carefully. Here we added the large 8” 100g piece from ear to ear to give immediate length and volume. We then added a smaller blending piece at a right angle on either side, above the ear.


Step 2

Then, finally for maximum oompf and extra volume at the top, we added a 4” 50g piece very high on the clients head. Because the clip in hair extensions are so discreet, they can be placed here, and bare covered by a small amount of the clients own hair.


Step 3

With all of this additional hair, secure the two blending pieces and the 4” top piece together and simply tie with a hair tie. Take a small piece of the hair in the ponytail and wrap around and pin in place. This leaves the beautiful 8” 100g piece of Russian Virgin hair free below and gives the illusion of this client having thick and luscious locks. This simple Hair Up is super full and is only possible for this client with all of this additional hair! This simple Up Do is super popular for brides!