Heart braid

6 Steps
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Brush out

Set your hair in a side parting and brush out any tangles.


Make a braid

On the opposite side of the parting, two inches from the forehead and three inches down from the parting, create a plait and secure with a snag-free elastic.


Second braid

Take a similar sized section about three inches away from the first section (above the ear). Plait and secure as with the first braid.


Twist it!

Taking the first braid (near the face), twist it anti-clockwise and fix in place with a couple of hairpins. Repeat the same, but clockwise, with the second braid.


Heart it!

Bring the two braid ends together to create the bottom of the heart shape, and pin to each other.

Tatiana heart braid


Tidy up the bottom of the braids by wrapping with a section of hair from the front, then curl hair ends for a really romantic look. Finish with a mist of hairspray.