Sexy side

Side-swept long hair
Adam Reed, Percy and Reed for BaByliss PRO
10 Steps
Date night


Comb hair through to ensure you begin with a tangle-free base.


Deep parting

Section the hair into a low deep parting. Then using the occipital bone as a guide create another section around the head. Pin this top section up.


Wind the wand

Gently mist the hair with texturising spray. Gauge the thickness of the hair and take sections (large sections if the hair is thinner) then wrap around the wand right down to the ends. If you are looking for more volume, wind the hair under the barrel rather than over the top of the barrel. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then allow the hair to fall.


Add texture

Continue this process around the bottom section – three of four mini sections wound around the wand should be enough. You are not looking for a deep set curl – you are just adding a soft texture.


Release and repeat

Take down the top section of hair and repeat this process, taking care to maintain the deep parting you created at the beginning.


Brush out

Take your dressing brush and spray with hairspray then gently work through the hair pulling right from the roots down to the ends.


Work it!

On the larger side sweep section use you dressing brush and plenty of hairspray to work texture into the hair.


Spray, spray, spray

Then, take your hairspray – lift sections of hair and spray as it falls through your fingers – this gets the product into the hair and adds plenty of foundation and a lovely textured finish.


Smooth it down

On the low side use a comb and a little spray to comb the hair down around the ear – giving contrast to the bouncy textured sweep on the other side of the head.


The finished look

A fine mist of hairspray all over and your sexy side-swept style should stay in place all night!