The Dragonstone Braid by Kirby Blythe using Great Lengths

9 Steps
Long locks


Model is wearing: 225 Great Lengths bonds of: Colour 59 = 125 bonds, 50cm Colour 27 = 50 bonds, 50cm Colour 61 = 50 bonds, 50cm The hair extensions have been custom toned after fitting. Before styling, curl the hair using the Babyliss 32mm curling wand. Once all of the hair is curled, run hands through it to soften and loosen the curls, then lightlyspritz with I.C.O.N. Done Finishing Spray.


Centre Parting

Create a centre parting at the top of the head.


Braid It

Create a Dutch scalp braid on the right side of the head to just above the ear, then start to leave out small sections like a waterfall braid.


Loose Ends

Towards the ear start to incorporate the loose sections which were left out - make sure that you keep the braid tight but the added hair remains loose.


Adding Up

Continue to add to additional hair after every other section has been braided.


Tied Tight

Once you get to the nape, finish the braid by securing with a band.



On the left side of the head, create a Dutch braid (leaving an inch section around the ear perimeter) and take the braid through to the nape matching the other side, then secure with a band.


Disappearing Act

Take a small amount of hair from around the braid and twist around the band and secure with a grip.


The Final Look

Voila - the Dragonstone Braid. For more information visit