Back to school

Barbara Daley Hair & Beauty

So, it’s all back to school this week, and while the uniform leaves little room for early morning fashion dilemmas, the question of hairstyle can leave a girl (and her mum) feeling flustered on a daily basis…


From the age of around seven, in their quest to look cool for school, few girls are happy with a simple scraped back ponytail, but not all mothers and carers have time to follow YouTube’s latest fave intricately woven hair creation every day. So, we asked the stylists at Barbara Daley Hair & Beauty in Liverpool to create three deceptively simple but impressively stylish hairstyles that will make doing your daughter’s hair for the new term child’s play.

Finish with a light mist of hairspray to secure any flyaways and there you have it!

Pull-through braid

Remove the roller and weave the front ‘fringe’ into the top of the braids. Finish by adding a ribbon to each braid for a quirky look.

Get to grips with styling these street smart looks and you can be the good guy in the morning rush. Head across to our How To pages now to find out what accessories and how much time you need to set aside to send your girl off to school with a smile on her face.