Brush up with No.1

A hairbrush that promises to be super gentle on all hair types? Oh yes…


Whether your hair is fragile, knot-prone, long, short, straight or wavy, you’ll know that the performance of your hairbrush can make or (quite literally) break your hairstyle, so it’s really important to choose a brush that works on many levels to care for and cosset those precious strands. We think this baby fits the bill. Sllick, stylish and totally understated, the new 3″ More Inches No.1 Brush, by revered London-based hairstylist and salon owner, Michael Van Clarke, doesn’t need to shout about its qualities. Designed to combine all the benefits of the three most iconic brushes of the last half-century; the Denman, the vent and the detangler, No.1 goes way beyond the originals when it comes to providing unbeatable high performance, on even the most delicate hair.

So, what’s behind these lofty claims? Handmade bristles, made from Japanese nylon to be super smooth and amazing flexible so they won’t stress the hair shaft, in a mix of long and short lengths that doesn’t snag or tug hair, thereby helping to eliminate hair breakage and maintain a thicker, healthier head of hair. In fact, the No.1 Brush is so gentle on hair, that recent tests have found it to be suitable even for young children’s tresses.

Keen to try it? The 3″ More Inches No.1 Brush is available from Net-a-Porter in three sizes, small (£19.50), medium (£24.50) and large (£29.50) so there’s sure to be one to suit your hair’s needs to a tee.