Festival fabulous!

Top hair brand Fudge went to Glasto this year on the lookout for the best- dressed tresses and were impressed with what they saw. Spotted on the style radar were grungy, textured ‘dos, salt-sprayed beach waves and updos adorned with braids, flowers and glitter.

John Vial, Creative Director for Fudge, explains how to get a cute ‘n’ easy updo that incorporates all the festival trends:

  1. Spritz salt spray such as Fudge Salt Spray, £11.45, into wet hair and scrunch gently to create textured waves.
  2. Once dry, shake a styling dust like Fudge Textures Creative Styling Dust, £13.95, into the roots for instant volume.
  3. Put hair into a low ponytail and tie the elastic so there is only an inch from the ends of the hair. Then tease hair slightly and roll upwards.
  4. Secure with kirby grips and add flowers for a little extra boho chic.