Good vibrations make hair straighter!

But we’re not talking music here. Bear with us as we treat you to a little history lesson by way of explaining a fabulous hair straightening technique…


In Korea, there is an ancient tradition for ironing clothes by beating out a rhythm on the cloth until it is wrinkle-free and shiny. Pounding and flattening was, for many years, the traditional way of tackling laundry. The fabric was folded and re-folded on a special smoothing stone known as a tatumi-tol, then beaten with a pangmangi club until it was perfectly smooth.

This interesting and unusual method for expelling creases and kinks has been adopted by the clever bods at celebrated British hairbrush brand, Head Jog, for use in their Titanium VIBE Straightener (approx £69.95), part of their new Electric Head Jog range. The combination of heat and vibration results in flat, smooth and shiny hair. The vibration aids the straightening motion and allows the hair to glide effortlessly through the plates without any tugging or pulling and thereby causes less damage than a non-vibrating straightener. This also means that the straighteners can be used with one hand only – result!


The Electric Head Jog Titanium VIBE Straightener also boasts a host of other techie features: variable digital temperature control to 230 degrees, ionic charge, 360-degree swivel 3-metre cord, mirror titanium plates, and auto shut-off, so it’s a real must for anyone who wants to keep their locks super shiny, straight and healthy with the minimum effort.