HazeGlazing THE AW19 trend from Zoë Irwin for Wella

Taking inspiration from the 70s fashion images with natural light and a warm glow on hair and faces, the Wella team headed by trend forecaster Zoë Irwin have perfected a new technique beautifully entitled HazeGlazing. Intended to illuminate hair, not just colour it, the collection captures that warm, illuminating light just before dusk, sometimes called the golden hour, much loved by 70s fashion artists and photographers.

To achieve this, Zoë and the team have created a spice palette of amber, terracotta, mustard and sage green and set the tone by using a base shade. Intertwined glazes then add that warm, natural glow of the golden hour. The French techniques of balayage and palm painting enhance the beautiful soft but glowing colours that make eyes and skin tone come alive and in essence ‘put sunlight into hair’. Zoë explains, “I’m obsessed with colour bringing out people’s natural skin tone and eye colour. I’ve been using this on my clients and they love it – they are so ready for it.”

“HairGlazing is the trend and the palette – it’s an overall concept to add a warm, sunlit, illuminated effect to hair.”  continues Zoë ” The palette is based around the magical light that happens in the evening, throwing a warm haze onto everything.”

With the colour palette divinely named Bitter Clove, Sunworn Terracotta, Sienna Dusk, Maple Mustard and Velvet Ochre, so evocative of the 70s era of long hot summers, gorgeous floating dresses and dreamy hues, this trend is just the antidote we need for the harsh political climate we find ourselves in!

We predict that this inspired technique is destined to become a huge trend-setting look in the coming months.