Jay Birmingham: Nadine’s supermodel locks

Jay Birmingham, rising star in the world of hair extensions and one of our fab HAIR Award’s finalists up for the title of Best Extensionist, has been sharing his top 5 tips for creating this wonderful supermodel look shared recently by Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold on Instagram.

We’re sure you agree that Nadine’s hair looks so natural and discreet you would never know she is wearing extensions!

Top Tip 1 The right hair extensions

If you have straight, fine hair: Tape-in extensions are the best for fine hair. I used Invisi Tape-in from Beauty Works on Nadine for extra volume and colour. If You Have thick, coarse hair: again tape and sew-in weft extensions will work. It’s important to be able to offer multiple methods as a specialist and research which method is best for the client and their lifestyle. Beauty Works Invisi ®Tape uses a super thin silk crafted structure, holding each strand of hair together. The mesh tab actually mimics the natural re-growth of the hair root, creating a transformation that is virtually undetectable at the scalp.

Beauty Works Invis Tapes, from £164.99 beautyworksonline.com

Top Tip 2 Colour matching

Always match from the mid lengths to ends. Mix colours to create a multitoned effect. If you have a balayage and like a slight root, match the extensions around the back of the head and closer to the face to the root so when you tie your hair up the hair extensions blend. Beauty Works offer a wide selection of root blended colours, so perfect for my clientele.


Top Tip 3 The Cut

Extensions need to blend and look like your own hair. This is important for my celebrity and supermodel clientele, but for all my clients. I prefer the ends to look soft and not too thick and blunt, so tapering the hair towards the ends and adding layers to the cut to give a complete natural finish.  The extensions shouldn’t be too heavy and never put stress on the client’s hair.


Top Tip 4 Styling

If you are going to wear extensions I recommend to my clients to invest in a quality styling tool. I recommend the Hot Tools Curl Bar, it’s really easy to use and curl at home. Or for mermaid waves try the Beauty Works Waver, this creates an instant S wave shape in minutes and take all the thinking out of curling your hair at home. Extensions look at their best when they have been styled and products are used to create a cool girl hair. I like the Colour Wow products, Dream Coat by Colour Wow coats the hair to extend your blow-dry and smooths down frizz and flywaysBeauty Works Waver, £69.99 from beautyworksonline.com


Color Wow Dream Coat, £24 from colorwowhair.com

Top Tip 5 Aftercare

Ensure you give your client a consultation on how to look after the extensions. Brushing with an extension brush is key! Brush them at night before bed, brush them before and after a shower, and simply take care of them as if it’s your own hair. I recommend the Beauty Works Boar brush for all types of hair extensions. For tape extensions you want to invest in sulphate free shampoo and keep any oily or heavy masks away from the root of the extensions.


 Beauty Works Boar Bristle Brush, £24.99 from beautyworksonline.com


Jay Birmingham’s contact details can be found at  jaybirmingham.co.uk